FTP Problems


Since I upgraded to 9.38c and then 9.38d I am having FTP problems

WD is not adding data0html, data2html and data3html to my FTP upload.

Since I use WD to create my index file as as my main page, my website is incomplete bigtime…help???


I had a similar experience with WD v.9.38c. All of the lines I had inserted into the “Datahtm3.txt” file were deleted after upgrading to v.9.38c.
I thought it was my machine or MS Windows 98SE. After redoing the “Datahtm3.txt” file WD v.9.38c appears to be loading my web page properly. :?


I pasted my data files out of the webfiles directory and under wdisplay’s main directory there are webfilesdatahtml0,1,2 & 3…

Why the change?

Everything appears to be creating okay now…


its becuase i made a change to the web files directory location (i.e simplified it), (there are numerous posts on this), (only really affects win98/ME)
you need to
reset the web files location (only happens if you have done so before)
under setup, ftp setup, web files , button top right hand corner,to where it is supposed to be

let me know if it is then still ok when you restart the program

I set up the APRS Data send under version 9.38a and also updated to 9.38b with no problems. I just updated to 9.39d and started to have page fault errors with ftpupd only when uploading APRS data… I also ftp upload using the webpage setup without problems still. I have disabled the APRS uploading and have no problems with ftpupd when the website files load.
I am also sending files to wunderground, Anything Weather, and hamweather.

If I turn on APRS loading I get an errors saying:

FTPUPD caused an invalid page fault error in module and all registers have "0"s.

FTPUPD caused an exception eedfadeH in module and all registers have "0"s

Eipwlpport in module FTPUPD.EXE at 00061853.10057:.

When this happens the FTP window that shows what is happening during an FTP action looks normal but stops with the last line that shows the APRS validation number.

I hope this helps troubleshooting. This was working and I saw the CW weather info on the net… When is was working, I noticed that the CW weather info transmitted uding APRS FTP did not include Humidity or dewpoint info.


Just noticed that just before the error the FTP info window show this:
only the last for lines are listed.

APRS Connecting to:
Aprs connected
sending pass command <—long delay here, about 15 secs
user CW0845 pass XXXXX vers wx-display 9.39d < error shows
when this line prints.

Note: XXXXX pass code removed

not sure whats going on here
the only thing i changed with the latest ftp version was to do a check on the number of times the word Open port appears when dialing up, and to try and stop that repeating

i have not noticed any problems here

Ok, thanks for looking at this.

Not sure if it matters but I have continued internet access via cable.

If I stop ftp file uploads for the webfile and start the APRS ftp file uploads it does the same thing. So for now I have APRS stopped and website on…

Is there an .ini file or something I can delete and reconfigure?

What happens if the ftp site does not connect, will that return an error?


it might be a aprs server down/slow or something
you can force wd to use another aprs hub server

Thanks Brian,

That seems to be it. I changed the ftp site and did a TEST. Uploaded without a problem. The first one, ahubeast.net:14579 was working …
I will try it again tomorrow and see if it is up to make sure that is the problem…

Thanks again, Dave

I noticed that the data format in the Beacon comment line of UI-View32 for a CW station that reports Humidity is:

294/002g008t032r000p002P000h79b10176v6 <–Reports Humidity 79%

and for my CW station reported via Weather Display 9.39d is:
264/000g000t018r000p001P000b101776h93 10 <–Reports no Humidity
But Humidity is 93%

Is it that the h93 should be after the P000 and before the b10176 ?

I also notice that all CW stations that have this format and have a space then 10 at the end do not report Humidity.

Is the problem a data line format problem?



I haven’t had any problems with ahubwest port 23; running WD 9.38c.


I’m new to the forum but not to ahubeast.net (sysop). Yesterday ahubeast was down due to a DNS server problem. My server will be changing to a new domain name (and new DNS server to eliminate past problems) next week. The new name will be aprseast.net. I will post when the change is effective. FYI…the ahubeast.net domain will still be working for another year…
:slight_smile: Mark, NA4V

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info and welcome to the forum…
Good luck with the changes.


Hi Brian,

It there a way to improve the error handling for a non connect to an APRS ftp site? Like drop the FTP process for this try on error… When this was happening I had to click 4 Win98 error windows to get the program to continue… If I am not at the keyboard to do this when this happens then the website uploads will not go out…

I notice that the other three options in Setup/Setup Wunderground-Hamweather-Anything weather-APRS have “timeout in seconds for slow servers” but the APRS setup window does not.

What APRS FTP site were you trying to connect to? If it was mine earlier (ahubeast), I was installing a new monitor for the server and had the javaserver program disabled for about 20 minutes…
Mark, NA4V


I was connecting to ahubwest and had no problems!


Ui-View32 allows more than one to be used. It will cycle if a problem is found.

I have been using three: