FTP of files

I am trying to update my web using Front Page and using frames.
I renamed “Weather Station File Name” from Weatherdisplay to graham so that I would keep the same Web address.
when I force an upload(from Action/update web files) the file of graham.htm stays as graham.htm on the server.

Uploading c:\Program Files\wdisplay\webfiles\graham.htm → graham.htm (from log file)

But when WD does it’s normal upload every 30 mins,graham.htm changes to weatherdisplay.htm(the old name before the change)

Uploading c:\Program Files\wdisplay\webfiles\graham.jpg → weatherdisplay.jpg (from log file)

There must be something simple that I have missed.

if you are using the advanced internet setup, and you set the remote file name needed there, then use the upload now button there instead

I just changed the name in web files setup #1 (web files web page setup)


the advanced internet setup (customise internet and file creation setup ) is under control panel, top right

yes I found that just after I posted

Thanks Brian, :smiley:
think I have it right now after a couple of major hiccups will have to wait for the next normal upload to see what happens.Still have a lot of tiding up to finnish it off but that can wait until the first problem is sorted