FTP issue with Weather Underground

I am still trying to trouble shoot a problem I am having trying to upload past data to Weather Underground. This is a new install, win10pro, WD 10.387S45. Everything works great, exactly as expected after the upgrade, except one thing. I am unable to upload past date to WU from WD. I remember seeing some posts in another forum (Gladstone list) as well as here on Weather-Watch, but I am unable to locate any that pertain to this exact problem. I try to think logically so these of some of my thoughts.

  1. I may be trying to send a larger file than WU expects and it is rejected by their server
  2. I remember something about WU changing some things in the last few months, could the URL for past data uploads be incorrect
  3. Is something causing a server time out
  4. Has the format of the data packet WU is expecting different from what I’m sending different
  5. and most likely, have I screwed something up on my end.

I would really like to leave the FTP window open during a data upload attempt to WU. Severs will often offer an error code. I am not fast enough to click on the WU icon in the system tray before it closes again. WU FTP logs don’t include WU data. I think this would be useful in determining what is causing my data to be rejected, if indeed, it is even being sent.

“One should not make unnecessary assumptions and that the answer to a problem is often the simplest”

Thank you everyone,


I have been away…school holidays…with the wife
And kids
There is a log file for normal data sends
But I will check on the send past data…And see about
Creating a log file for that function