Ftp.exe sticks


On an average of every other day or so, my ftp.exe causes a Windows XP error window saying it must shut ftp.exe down. However, ftp seems to keep functioning OK, except that my dialup connection does not close, and I am left with a ftp.exe icon in my system tray that won’t close until I acknowledge the error window. I am using ver 9.79 This was happenening before with other versions but only very rarely.


I’ve had the same luck but I am beta testing Brian’s dial up FTP and it hasn’t done it for a couple days. I also went to auto reboot just in case because my dialup is sharing my wife’s business fax line and she get’s a little upset if it hangs the line which it does once in awhile.

Just in case…Jim and K-farm I have a version of ftp 6.42 that for me has worked for months now without hardly a burp. I just load it into every new version I download and no more line tie-ups (which are REALLY aggravating to me since I have a 150hr a month plan that is more than ample)…unless I’m gone for 24hrs a few times and WD…ftp hangs up.
Jon :slight_smile: