FreshWDL lost last month's rainfall

We don’t get a lot of rain, but in June we had a substantial amount. FreshWDL was showing it until the month switched over to July?

Any idea how to get it back?

Has to be a WD problem. Is this on the rain last 31 days graph? Those values are in clientrawdaily.txt, but it can get corrupted: you can check with a parser, like this. See here for something similar.

WD has it correct. in the detailed rain. I will try deciphering the clientraw data a bit later. (tried and can’t make sense of it yet)

I just meant that FreshWDL can only read and display the clientraw*.txt data from WD. . .

EDIT: All your 31 day graphs are affected: there are four days at the start of each and then they flatline. Clientrawdaily.txt is the culprit: you can see from the parser that the last 27 days do not change.

All the parsers of clientrawdaily show the data to be the current month, not the last 31 days. So FreshWDL saying “last 31 days” is inaccurate. IMHO.

I’ve been looking for documentation on the clientraw files but not finding what I want yet.

That is the problem: the clienrawdaily.txt file should contain the last 31 days. not the current month days.
The example data clientraw files are not from a month with 31 days, they are from May, 7.
Still all 31 fields are there, all different values.


Clientrawdaily does show the last 31 days, it’s the word month that causes the confusion: for rain see ##63-93, which is rain for the last 31 days. “Rain month 01” in the Leuven parser should read “Rain for day 01 of the last 31 days, i.e. roughly a month”. Every day a new value is added at 31, the rest move down one and yesterday’s 01 falls off the list. The attachment shows your rain from early June, presumably you can match that with your records?

I've been looking for documentation on the clientraw files but not finding what I want yet.

See clientrawdescription.txt in \wdisplay directory.

No, that is the rain for the first 3 days of July.

Then I wonder if your clientrawdaily is actually rebuilding itself now. It will take a month (or 31 days :wink: )

My last 31 days’ rain are attached: the first rain registered, 11.6 mm on day 06, is for 8 June; the last, 9.6 mm on day 30, is for 2 July.

But I see what you mean about documentation: clientrawdescription.txt says ##63-93 is “Array of month to date rain total for month (31 positions)”, which should read “Array of last 31 days’ rain values”. For “month to date” read “last 31 days”.

In FreshWDL, the rain for the last 7 days is accurate (other than the fact this is Monday and it shows Monday).

But it does not record any rain for June.

Last 7 days is in clientrawextra.

But it does not record any rain for June.

I think your clientrawdaily got corrupted at month end, and it is now rebuilding itself from 1 July. If you follow the links in my first post I have asked if there was any way of recreating clientrawdaily (for a different reason) but I did not really understand Brian’s replies. . . specifically “then wait for the clientrawdaily to be updated”. For how long? We know it comes right again in 31 days.

i think you have a corrupt data file
try recreating the graphs go to the Action tag-- scroll to convert log files to data files-- select 62022lg.txt and convert then select 72022lg.txt and convert then click the recreate 31 days button nearest top of screen

Yay, I think that fixed it. FreshWDL as well.

My computer is rebooting randomly. When it does, it looks like values in WD get corrupted (e.g. Barometer goes to 0, Temperature messed up). I end up restarting WD with the ini file from a day or two earlier (Vantage Pro weather station) and that seems to help. I do not know if WD is the fault of the reboot or what. One time when I saw it (blue screen) it was a “store exception”.

But thanks!

Your clientrawdaily looks good, too!

This is really driving me nuts. (No comments please. :roll:)

#1 the computer keeps rebooting due to “store exception” and it doesn’t stop – but just reboots, corrupting the WD files that get posted.

#2 I have done the recreate of the last 31 days of data (action, convert log files, etc). But not sure it is working.

#3 Does anyone have a local parser (Python, etc) that will look at the files – so I could possibly recreate them (clientraw…)? I am now backing them up several times a day.

Is it possible your hard disk might be slowly dying? That might be why you’re suddenly getting the errors and corruptions? Is there any more info in the Windows Event Log that might give some clues about the cause of the errors?

Anything is possible. The two “main” disks were just replaced recently. I ran chkdsk on all the disks and they all passed.

I’ll try to find and look in the Windows Event Log.

I think I will also put those clientraw files into excel rather than try to write some program.


I can’t remember if the “second file copy” option shown below copies all the clientraw* files, but it can certainly copy to another HDD as a backup. I used to use it to copy to another network machine.

That would probably work. however, I wanted the files timestamped and multiple versions. A simple batch file and task scheduler.

I also made a spreadsheet where the column headings are from the client raw doc. But of course, I want them in English units. May work on that.

if you use RenTS with a batch file you get this clientrawhour 20220710-195906.txt this used

copy c:\wdisplay\raw\clientrawhour.txt c:\wdisplay\temp\clientrawhour.txt
RenTS c:\wdisplay\temp\clientrawhour.txt
del c:\wdisplay\temp\clientrawhour.txt

is this the sort of thing your looking for plus the rename may also be useful