Free client question

I have my Weather-Display successfully installed on my classroom computer and the data from my weather station is accurate and consistent.

Now, my next step is to make my data available on the Internet. I wish I could find step by step instructions to make the weather data available on the free client utility.

I am sure it is simple but all the options have kinda scared me away from trying. I have tried some but don’t know the name of the web address to check it out.

Thanks ahead of time for anyone who can direct me to some help.


Do you have a particular reason to want to the free client? You can just as easily upload the data to a website and then anyone with a browser, e.g. Internet Explorer can see it from anywhere.

what you can do is get the clientraw.txt file generated , go to set, control panel, webfiles.web page setup, real time ftp setup
then tick to generate the clientraw.txt file, but then tick, no ftp needed…
then have the webfiles folder as a mapped drive, so it can be seen from the other pc;s
then with the client viewer, set it to read the clientraw.txt file from that location, i.e click on select clientraw.txt file, and tick, use this clientraw.txt location