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Hi Administrator

I think it could be nice, if members could type in what country they come from in the “Forum Profile Information”

I personally would like to be able to search for other members from different contries.

Just an idea

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I am from Iowa. 8O … it isn’t the end of the universe , but you can see it from here #-o

There is a Location field under Forums Profile Information however there isn’t a Country Search option in the Forums and not sure that SMF specifically allows for that…


Hi Bob

Yes I know there is a location field. But it could be fun to have a country field too and a search function.

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It is certainly doable… however it would require changes to the user table, and the templates (search) which would need to be redone each time there is an update for the forum.

Basically, its something that Chris would need to decide since he would be the one that would need to implement it, and maintain it.

There is a country flag mod for the forum software, but that is not what you are looking for.

Adding a custom field is possible and becomes easier with the next release of the forum software. However, allowing it to be searched isn’t as easy. The search functions scare me 8O and I don’t think my coding skills are up to modifying them to allow a custom fields to be searched.

Hi Admin

Thanks for your reply.

Its ok - i was just curious if it was an easy thing to make.

Dont spent more time on this issue.

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Is there not a hack/mod to do this?

I have found this but i dont think its quite what you was on about jwwd

oh and theres this 1 but already installed by the looks of it :slight_smile:

Neither of those mods allow you to search by that info.

Granted no they dont but, the map on, ya cant get much closer than that…

Unless something has changed since I last looked at that mod (yesterday!) it’s only supported up to v 1.1.2 of the forum software. I’m running v1.1.3 and testing v2.01beta.

In any case I try to avoid using too many mods. Too many mods are written by people who then lose interest. As mods tend to be fairly specific to versions of the forum software, if the original author has lost interest the only choice when a new version of the forum comes along is to either debug the mod for yourself or remove the functionality. I suspect you’d all get upset if every few months I removed some functions that I’d given you a few months before. Open source software is great for generating useful small utilities that end up losing support after a short time #-o

The version is sommat i forgot to check #-o
As for the rest of your comment, i do agree 100% with you, as i am exactly the same with my forum :slight_smile:

I was just showing what was available (was a quick look) and to see if it was suitable…
With forums, its very hard to please every member as i am sure you are fully aware :wink: