great feature, as usual…

So, Now that I can change the background of the forecast, is it supposed to produce a gif that will upload? I added my cows ( they are cute cows) and the changes show up on the screen but I noticed that the gif is of the clouds instead. Should I delete the old forecast , restart and will it produce the new one?

Finally, will there be a function to change from blue to any other color of the type, that is to work over the new back ground?

Still, it is a great addition. Eat your heart out , ED

I see that the gif does change and uploads fine. so that mystery of my day is solved.

I do have the question about changing the color of the font, I suppose the answer is in the program, but would you tell me where it is ?

One always knows when spring is in Iowa. the kids are nuts. Today not one kid was off the wall, they all were. :roll:

What you need is some velcro and attach them to the walls, new deco…

With the new change on the forecast title, it used to show the date/time plus the title, all I get now is the word “Illinois” and no time/date of the forecase. Also, I’m getting ---- lines for some of the days, like the 3-5 day out instead of the day of the week. :cry:

But I already have it on the ceiling. Use them for pinatas

i will have to add ability to change the font colour
losmon, email me your downloaded noaa file