Fix the User Interface

I really feel that Weather Display could be one of the best weather programs out there, but in my opinion, and I feel qualified to comment ,as I design and qa software for a living, is that the user interface seriously needs to be improved.

Over the versions, so many great extra features have been added, is that now everything is scattered all over the place. I think that if some time was spent redoing the interface, then it would make it much easier to use and provide you with more growth for the product in the future.

For example, why is the page to manage your web cam image launched from the View menu, as is Manage your FTP web server. Both of these items should be listed off the Setup menu.

Its quite common with products as they evolve to consolidate code and review interfaces. If you want some input as to what should go where I would be happy to make some suggestions.

manage your ftp server is under action menu…also…but yes there is a duplication under view menu,i will remove that
the web cam image: well, you can also view the latest web cam image…and the dialy web cam images,so that is why it is under view
i have tried to avoid putting too much under the setup menu, as otherwise you have to scroll down and smaller screeens and people dont realise that miss stuff
but yes you are right it is scattered …the way it has evolved…


I understand the scrolling down bit, but have you thought of some consolidation and make more use of the tabs. I think it would be easier to use if you had a few options and then a big selection of tabs because then at least everything would be in one place. e.g. you could have a web option and create tabs for everything to do with the web. Then there might be one or two setup tabs, a web cam image, an animated section etc
I also think it would give you the opportunity to remove some of the clutter from some of the screens and spread the information out a bit.

Just some thoughts,