First time user setup question - forecast tile - WU data not loaded

First time user setup question - forecast tile - PWS Dashboard 2012

Hello, new member to this forum but a 15 year owner of a Davis Vantage 2 weather station that previously used Virtual Weather Station before migration to Weather Display about two weeks ago.

Weather Display is running great and pwsWD is working except for the forecast tile.

I had to create a new Weather Underground station id (original KNJMORRI6, new KNJMORRI99) as my old one was pre-2019 and I no longer have the API key.

My site is :

All active tiles are working (including webcam and solar/uv sensors) except the forecast, which still has a 12/19 timestamp (wufct_en-GB_e.txt). The file has the correct permissions.

I’ve tried different sources (PirateWeather, Openweathermap) with no success. Those other sites change the “Current Sky” tile, which it working from the “clientraw” data from my weather station.
All of the PWS scripts are updated with the latest versions.

I look forward to fixing this item and then joining the team that is developing the new version of pwsWD.

Happy Holidays to all.


Hi Rob,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for testing the PWS_Dashboard.

Sadly this is a very strange problem. I have no idea yet.

To find those errors/problems I need to set error-reporting on.
For that we have a test script, f.i. this will run the load file script and display all messages.

But it runs in a 500 error on your system.
Without error reporting and message display the script runs without errors.

And it does not load any WU data.
To dig deeper I need FTP access, so lets try other things first

Switch of the use of an extra-data file in your settings.
Tab Data
Group Separate upload of the extra sensors from your weatherstation
Select When using extra sensors an extra data file can be needed

Could you test with “Default forecast using free data”
Maybe there is a problem with the WU-API-key you are using.

If you mail or PM me your easyweather password, I can check your settings and test with my own WU-API key.


I sent you a PM. I changed my WU-API key and its successfully showing connections - but not updating the forecast tile.

The works and updates the forecast tile but changes the top left tile from the current weather observations to “Have a nice day”

I’m using this link for -


I tested with your API-key, that one is OK.

Seems to be something inside your server-setup.
Maybe you are running an in-home webserver?Not much i can do about that.

I will make a small test-script in my day-time and post it here so you can put it on your server.
It will use the exact same CURL and maybe we can see what the response from WU is.

The small block contains available information about weather-warnings, either official or generated by the scripts.
If there are no warnings, it will display a text-forecast from WU, DarkSky-replacemnt a.s.o.

YrNo has no description so only the a default “Have a nice day” text will be displayed. Using the translation file you can change that to any text you want.

The "Sky block " also uses data from forecast for the small description / 1 hour forecast.


Hi Ron,

OK, attached a test-script. (2.1 KB)
Unzip and upload test_curl6.php to your webserver /pwsWD/ folder

Run with . .

It will load the WU forecast using CURL and with file_get_contents
Maybe that gives us a hint if it could be a problem inside the dashboard scripts.


The files are downloaded from WU but are named wufct_en-US_e.txtmm .
If I rename from .txtmm to .txt, the forecast loads.

I’ll send you another PM - thanks !!

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The OP solved the problem by adjusting the folder permissions.

The load files script loads new data using a temporary file-name ending on rnm
If the downloaded file passes some basic tests the old file is renamed ending with old
The temporary file is then rename to the correct name.

In this case the folder permissions did not allow to do the renaming correctly.

This does not explain why the PHP-500 error was replaced by a non-informative large text-block. The debug console now works correctly.


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Folder permission issues on-premises web server (Windows) - 2023-12-23

Windows Server 2022, IIS 10.0, PHP 8.2.6. 180 day trial version of Windows Server 2022 standard available for free at the Microsoft Web Site.

Weather Station Hardware:
Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station, UV and Solar sensors (online since 2007).
Panasonic Network Camera BL-C111A

Weather Display version 10.37S Build 150
IPTimelapse Pro 2022
Personal Weather Station Dashboard 2012_lts

CameraFTP - entry image plan
Weather Underground > 2019 API
CheckWX Metar API API
WeatherLink Cloud version 2 API
OpenWeathermap API
World Air Quality Index
Warning Alerts & Email

Steps to fix forecast not updating due to file permissions:

  1. Run an administrative PowerShell command to unblock all files in the pwsWD folder. This will remove the “feature” that restricts/blocks all files that are downloaded from another computer.
    dir -path c:\inetpub\wwwroot\pwsWD -Recurse | Unblock-file

  2. Add the IUSER user with full read-write access to the jsondata folder. This is not the IIS_IUSRS group that is already present. That group should only have read and list permissions by default.

Restart your IIS Services - (net stop W3SVC, net start W3SVC).

That fixed the issue with temporary files receiving the .txtmm extension.

I’ll end up building a Linux Server to host PWSWD. I’ll probably also create a setup guide for the entire process of installing and configuring Weather Display and PWSWD. I was using Virtual Weather Station by Ambient Weather. I’ll work on importing my historical data into Weather Display.

Wim has created incredible software and I look forward to running it for years to come. Once I get past this holiday week, Wim and Personal Weather Station Dashboard get my donation.

Happy Holidays to all.

Morris Plains, NJ

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