First good rainstorm with new VP2+

High precipitable water values, dewpoints in the mid to upper 70s, and an outflow boundary led to the development of some very efficient thunderstorms over my site yesterday afternoon. I received nearly 2 inches in 30 minutes! I’m happy :slight_smile: (and somewhat amazed) that my new VP2 rain gage matched my manual 4 inch rain gage. Normally I would expect the tipping bucket to be less due to the intensity. I have another manual gage about 200 feet from the one near the VP2 and it was 0.07 less. That just goes to illustrate that you can even get a rainfall gradient in your own yard (depending on the yard size :wink:). I’m still running my old WMII and it reported a bogus low of -10 F during the storm that obviously must have been caused by the close lightning. No such problems with the wireless VP2. More storms with heavy rain possible again today.


our rain went around us, cooler though with that cold front that is tripping your storms. next week hotter than this week. oh joy… :wink: