Few Questsions about WD Logging and Setup with Oregon WMR200

Hi All,

I have my WMR200 exporting from the data logger to my PC which is capturing the log data. I have my units set at m/s on both the station and the PC.

Will the units being recorded into the logfile be m/s or km/hr.

Reason I ask is the values going into the logfile seem to be integers only whereas the m/s reading from the console is almost always has a decimal point - eg 2.9m/s as what is showing right now. Does the station actually work in km/hr and convert to m/s for display, and WD is logging km/hr data, or m/s data?

Also - with the WMR200 can gust speed be taken as an instantaneous speed while windspeed is an average? If I was to take enough samples could the average of gust speed be taken to be the instantaneous wind speed, or does gust speed track the highest wind speed in each sampling interval?


Wind data in the logfiles is in knots.

Thanks Niko - is there a reason the precision of the original reading is lost?