Few questions on my weather website

Here is my website in question. https://n1xbm.com/pwsWD/index.php

I have a few questions as I kinda struggle with webstuff. Any of the graphs you can click on that the data is coming my my weather station pops up with no data found. Does anyone know where I should be looking to fix this?

The other issue, is I have an outside web camera and I got everything figured out where to put the image with FTP, but the issue is, it looks like the pws-dashboard is looking for a .jpg with the same exact name. The issue is my webcam is creating a file with a unique name time stamp each time. Does anyone have any suggestions on this or am I looking at the issue all wrong? FYI the webcams you see now are from the local nearby turnpike, just to have an nearby outside conditions view.

Hi RidgeRunner260,

Your easyweather seems to be set for are using WU to get the past weather-data for the graphs.

But for that you need a free WU-API key but it is not entered in your easyweather settings. Error message “not loaded API=ADD YOUR API KEY”

If you do not upload to WU the station-cron which should run every 5 minutes, will assemble a line for each day containing all 5 minute data, and a file for the past 30 and 360 days containing the high-lows.

Hope this explains, regards,

Not sure if this will work, but at the start of webcam_c_block.php, webcam2_c_block.php, etc., there is a line

$add_timestamp  = true; 

You could try changing true to false. . .

Quite a few of us use webcam.io you do have to pay but it not bad and takes all the worry out of it working we have been using it for over a year
and makes a timelaspe video which it will up load to Youtube .

Another option regarding the webcam is as far as I know to adapt the file

my settings/imgcurl.php’

In line 8, write the address where a picture can be retrieved from the camera.
In easyweathersetup so is used
as a link to your webcam image.


OK, I can tell you that I am using a peet brothers weather station, and I am using the weather display software. So I was hoping if possible to get my chart information from my weather station.

OK, I will have to look at this file imgcurl.php. Thank you, maybe this will work.

In easyweathersetup, Data tab, last entry, choose “Save the daily data for the charts” instead of “Use our WeatherUnderground data for charts”.

Thank you, it looks like I just need a little data, but the popout is not working. Now I gotta figure out the webcam

Graphs are working! As you say, you need a little data. . . cron job will save it for you.

Yes, they are! Is there anything more I need to do? I see there is a 30 day and 360 day, will that just start to populate eventually? I’ve only had it running for about 12 hours.

I think I figured out my webcam issue with the help from the forum, I just need to sit down and implement it. I want to eventually want to replace the local turnpike cams with a cam on my radio tower.

Yes, I think the cron-job will populate the graph data eventually. (I use Weather Underground for graph data.)

Thinking about the cam again, my IPcam would only upload a different file name each time, so I used a free app called iSpy to upload an image with the same name each time. Then pwsWD adds a time stamp of ts own so that it can tell if the image has changed. (But I think iSpy is now deprecated. . . there is a later version.)