Favourite weather forecasts

Hey post here of your favourite weather forecasts!

My is: Afternoon/evening showers and thunderstorms, warm to very warm day, hot in afternoon and humid NE winds. Max: 32C Min: 21C

I don’t like the sound of that forecast!

Daily min/max of 15-23 degC. Light westerly breeze. 50% humidity. Optional thunderstorm at 21:00, or light rain from 21:00-06:00 (to keep the garden watered).

In the summer, I would say “Sunny and warm, with highs near 28 C, humidity about 40%, chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm.”

In the winter I like changeable weather. A good forecast would be “Mostly sunny with a high of 10 C; becoming cloudy in the afternoon with strong NE winds developing, temperature falling rapidly to below freezing; light snow developing, becoming heavy at times, and continuing throughout the night. The next day: snow easing early in the morning, then clearing; light winds; highs near -5 C”

We get forecasts like those usually a few times a year. :slight_smile: