False lightning detection Tempest/Weather Display

Both working fine. When lightning activity occurs on Tempest, WD shows everything Tempest sees. Every hit. Tempest is fantastic and shows quite good distance approximation estimates as compared with the one displayed by Environment Canada web page (Vaisala sensors).

Problem is when no thunderstorms around. I get odd random WD alarm signaling a strike (once every 3 to 6 hours) when there is none. Tempest shows no activity at all and I still get these WD alarms (and sound events). The Tempest app on my iPhone and iPad show no strikes at all.

This is strange. Is WD software decoding the strikes using the UDP stream ? Looks like checksum (CRC) bug to me ? How come WD detect and warns of a lightning strike ?


You may have to ask Brian by e-mail, [email protected]