Extra temp/hum shows -999pws

I recently got PWSWD up and running on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, and all is well except my extra temperature/humidity sensors show -999. I have a Vantage Pro2+ with four extra temp/hum sensors. any thoughts as to what is going on?

I have the extra sensors selected in settings, and have the extra_wl.txt file added in the correct location and the settings looking for the file.

Hi bhouseski,

Wewlcome to the forum and thanks for testing the PWS_Dashboard.

What is the URL to your website?
I need the URL to inspect the data uploaded / downloaded.

Which tab is it on tab DATA or Devices, see questions below

If you have no URL accessible from the internet, the least you should do

  1. Zip all data files used and add that zip to your next post.

  2. Make screenshots of the settings where you refer to a file, and post the screenshots next time.

  • Tab DATA “How do we get our weather data into your website”
    → Weather-program / live data file we will use
    → -> Path to your realtime data file. Not used with an API.
  • Separate upload of the extra sensors from your weatherstation
    → Path and filename of the uploaded file (f.i. demodata/extra_sensors.txt )

Maybe someone here on the forum can see what is wrong.
For your information, it takes time to copy the files , apply your settings in a test system and check what goes wrong.

Best regards,

I was able to get the data to show. I switched from V2 to V1 API from Davis. Not sure why one works and the other didn’t.

Hi bhouseski,

Your question: Not sure why one works and the other didn’t.

I have no access to a V2 API data-file with extra sensors.
So I can not adept the program as I do not have the field-names used for extra sensors in V2-API.
As there are different names used between V1-API (the old one) and V2-api I can not adept the script until I have access to a corrert file to test with.

My station is a VUE, other V2-API users have VP2’s.
But no one has extra temp/hum sensors.

Same problem with soil moist/temp sensors.