Exclamation mark yellow/orange

First time I’ve seen the exclamation mark show yellow/orange color. Clicking on it did not show any issues. What are the possible colors and what do they mean?

The red color signals that the age of one of the external files is 2 times the allowed age
The orange color is used if a file is older than allowed.

But between noticing the mark and you clicking on it, the files can be reloaded, either by a cron or by another visitor or by your visit as the scripts check every 2 minutes if there are any stalled files when a visitor is active.

If you right click the black/orange/red marker and f.i. select “Inspect” in Chrome you can see the code and messages, this is yours with a black marker.

<span class="PWS_round" id="statuses"><span class="PWS_round" style="background-color: transparent;">&nbsp;&nbsp;✓&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>
<!-- $key=Earthquakes $age=388 $allow=600 -->
<!-- $key=METAR-KDKK $age=329 $allow=600 -->
<!-- $key=Weatherflow $age=328 $allow=660 -->
<!-- $key=WU_forecast $age=629 $allow=900 -->
<!-- $key=AQ-Davis $age=28 $allow=900 -->
<!-- $key=Darksky $age=87 $allow=900 -->
<!-- $key=AQ-official $age=59 $allow=3600 --></span>

This is a test station with a red marker

<span class="PWS_round" id="statuses"><span class="PWS_round" style="background-color: red; color: black; ">&nbsp;&nbsp;!&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>
<!-- $key=METAR-EBBR $age=130 $allow=600 -->
<!-- $key=WU_forecast $age=130 $allow=900 -->
<!-- $key=Darksky $age=2163576 $allow=900 -->
<!-- $key=Aeris_hourly $age=128 $allow=600 -->
<!-- $key=Aeris_dayparts $age=127 $allow=900 -->
<!-- $key=Aeris_ccn $age=127 $allow=600 -->
<!-- $key=EC-weather $age=14544817 $allow=750 -->
<!-- $key=Earthquakes $age=126 $allow=600 -->
<!-- $key=AQ-Purpleair $age=124 $allow=120 -->
<!-- $key=AQ-official $age=123 $allow=3600 -->
<!-- $key=Weatherflow $age=10967839 $allow=660 -->
<!-- $key=WU-today-CSV $age=123 $allow=1800 -->
<!-- $key=AQ-Luftdaten $age=0 $allow=120 --></span>

Often the red markers are pointing to obsolete (not used anymore) files. As in the example above.
Just delete the . . /pwsWD/_my_settings/status.arr file and it will be rebuild without the information of obsolete files

Good to know, thanks. Never saw orange before so had to ask.

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