EWN script for WXSIM - small icons missing, all data correct

Hello everybody,
Can somebody help me?
Lately I’ve been looking at some squares in my Wxsim ewn forecast instead of looking at images. Since the launch of this ewn template, it has always worked correctly for me. I’ve been looking at these squares for a while now.
I’m checking the possible issue, but I can’t find it, can someone help me?
I am still using 5.5 PHP and my forecast url is: ewn testpage

Thank you!!!

This error does not occur in all browsers.

Seems that there is some setting to load the webfont used for those missing “raindrops” and other items from another website.

There are 27 similar error messages

Access to font at 'https://beaumaris-weather.com/wxsim/fonts/ubuntu-r-webfont.woff' from origin 'http://meteohila.esy.es' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

They all occur because those links to another website are in


Similar errors

Works OK

Ran tests at a Mac and on an iPad.

Better check your copy of the wxsim_2017.css file.


It’s possible that Tony has started blocking people accessing the font file(s) directly from his site. Every visitor will grab a copy which puts a load onto his site that he may not want.

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No, that is not the problem.
Same errors occur when using the original css which loads the fonts from the EWN website.

It is some “feature” from Chrome and FF and may other browsers.

Best way to go is to copy the fonts to a folder on your own website.


The font URL is http on a https page so Chrome and other browsers will probably be blocking insecure links.

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As Wim says, Best way to go is to copy the fonts to a folder on your own website.
I was totally unaware people had been using my local scripts, not real happy about that, I will actually when back to health modify all my file in an attempt to stop them.

I suppose it boils down to some people not really knowing what they are doing, they see something they like on some ones site, the style etc. and they don’t bother asking the owner, they just copy all their files and play with them till they get it to display on their site. Obviously unaware they are referencing files from the stolen files site. Un-Real.

Kindest Regards,

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Trying to find where to download the fonts from then the links in my case nordicweather need to be changed in the required files

Ok, thank you all for your responses.
My Hosting changed servers, I have restored a backup from before the change, I have re-uploaded the files and I am copying the fonts to a file on my hosting.
I am changing the urls in the wxsim/frc.php file
I notice that on the ewn_forecast.php page, the script with url: https://cdn.nordicweather.net/excanvas.min.js
I get an error
could this be the cause?
I can’t access the excanvas.min.js file and I can’t download it from my site…

You have to copy one buy one in your borwser from the static.nordicweather.net website.
If you have them on your own webserver you are not at risk for downtime at downtime" nordicweather.

For now a QAD solution: change in css/wxsim-2017.css the strings from




Seems that Chrome and Firefox are OK with that.


Attached a changed wxsim-2017.css I tested with.

wxsim_2017.css.zip (6.1 KB)

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All font files are here in a ZIP file

Fonts and weathericons.zip (1.2 MB)

Ok thank you very much Wim
At the moment it works!!!

But you have lost some other icons:

That is caused by a missing font on the meteohila-website.
A 404 (not found) message for



Thanks for the information Wim!!
Now everything works correctly again!!!
Thank you!!!

well finally got this version running local on server
this required additional css files additional fonts on top of the ones attached earlier amendments to the frc.php file and of coarse the wxsim_2017.css plus the graph and short php files
this version is one Wim will be familiar with php 8 updates