Brian, started receiving an error msg after updating windows. Here is the FTP log. It only happens when it is trying to ftp to retrieve weather from different stations.
list of files uploaded****

actual messages from upload session*
Start Time/date:04:57:41 PM 05/04/2017
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Checking for what else to do…
there are 1 more things to do
Next file HTTP metar station download
Downloading to :C:\wdisplay\metar\KJNX.met
final download setting=C:\wdisplay\metar\KJNX.met
Doing metar download now
error verifying server certificate: 0x800b010f
Download complete
ERROR: 276: Server certificate verification failed. Connection aborted. at time/date
04:57:42 PM 05/04/2017 agenda item: doftpdownmetarstation
Doing abort procedure/program close…

Running Windows 10 and Version 10.37S48

try re installing WD full install

That fixed it Bryan. Thanks.