Error on exit

when I exit (starting with the past several versions) I eventually get this error

AppName: weatherd.exe AppVer: ModName: weatherd.exe
ModVer: 9.3.7. Offset: 0007a2f3

Its telling me that the program has to close which makes no sense because I think it has already closed.

then it refers to this file as containing what went wrong: appcompat.txt

Brian, I 'll email it to you in a few minutes.

On this side of the world it is late and I need to be up in 5 hours to face the kiddies. :?

maybe check the size of the graphdata.inf file, graphdata2.inf fileā€¦
i get an error at times too, but thats more related to the 1 wire rotuine
i hope i have not got another hard to find exit error

ok, graphdata is 146kb and graphdata2 is 156kb and there is a graphdata3 is 74kb. I will move both files to a different spot and see what happens.

those sizes are OK
its not that then