Error message when loading Cron GW1000 vers 7.2

I get the following error message when loading WD and am not receiving any data from my station into Weather - Display. “Connect timed out.
ERROR: Access violation at address 00E3DB28 in module ‘crongw1000.exe’. Read of address 000000A8 at time/date 8:01:12 AM 6/22/2024”
When I log into WSView Plus app on my phone the data is there and correct and updating. Any ideas what might be my issue?

Any insight would be appreciated.


Has the IP address of the GW1000 changed? Maybe you have a new internet provider/router and your internal addresses have changed.

I assume you’ve done the obligatory reboot to see if that fixes it. It might also be worth upgrading WD to the latest version if you’re able to, just in case it’s a change in Windows that’s causing it.

Which actual gateway model are you using? My GW1200 has been playing up like this recently, although this is connected to CumulusMX not WD, but same symptoms. A full power cycle seems to minimise the problem with mine for a while.


The IP has not changed as I have it set up with a dedicated IP on my internal router.

I will try the power cycle and see if that works.

More to follow

If you confirm your gateway model is a GW1200 I have further information about it.


It is a model GW2000

Ah OK I have one of those as well but it behaves perfectly, I only have the issue with my GW1200, so my information is not relevant to your situation.