Error Loading Data WDL

I am getting this error message after loading weather information, the screen shows Loading Data, then Error Loading Data
Check your clientraw data files are in the location specified in the WDL configuration file and are not corrupted.

I noticed I wasn’t getting updates and when I looked at the screen there were windows opening one after the other. I force the computer to turn off and I get this error. I have tried to turn off WDL because I never look at the computer screen. Now I get this erro and wd doesn’t turn on.

Please Help

seems to be a bit confusion between WD and WDL?
what is the URL to your WDL web site?

That possible I am confused. I send files to my website I thought WDL was a second screen that showed live data with graphics. I don’t need that. This error message suggest a problem with client raw file location and idl config. and I am confused.

Is there a typo in that URL? It forwards to a page for sale notice at Buy Domains :?

Yes there is.

OK, that’s better. What’s the URL of the page showing the WDL error?

That error message is on my computer when I try and start the wd program. I am running W7 and I upload customtext files to sullysgarden every 5 minutes. There is no url for the error message.

Oh, thanks for the clarification.

still a bit confusing
maybe because you had WD set to start up showing the built in WDL screen?

How can I change that? What file has that info in it?

I think I fixed it. I made a change in display.ini
[WDL screen]
last width=1936
last height=1216
last left=-8
last top=-8
show at startup=yes. I changed this to no.

Thanks John

it might be related to your flash settings on your pc (i.e that might be being blocked or similar)