Error in startHere.php ERROR failed, invalid data data retieved

I was “ordered” to ask here about this error when starting pwsWD first time:

This small program is used to check your web server settings if they prohibit installing the PWS_Dashboard.
You only need to re-run this program if you encounter unknown errors.
check 1 : $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]: result = OK, server =
check 2.1 : Your current PHP version is : 8.2.10
check 2.2 : CURL support: result = OK
check 2.3 : simplexml support: result = OK
check 2.4 : GD support: result = OK: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
check 3.1 : file_exists: result = OK
check 3.2 : chdir: result = OK
check 3.3 : file_put_contents: result = OK
check 3.4 : chmod: result = OK
check 3.5 : unlink: result = OK
check 4 : json support: result = OK
check 5.1 : load file from updates site : result = ERROR failed, invalid data data retieved: check 5.2 : load file from backup updates site : result = ERROR failed, invalid data data retieved:
There are fatal errors:
If you can not remove the errors yourself post your questions at the "PWS_Dashboard part" of the WW-forum "

I think these errors only mean that you cannot download updates from either of Wim’s update sites.

You should be able to instal and run the dashboard OK while you wait for Wim to advise on the update situation.

Due to my vacation, I overlooked your question. bitsostring just mailed me that this question was not answered.

If you are still interested in installing PWS_Dashboard:

It is very strange that your webhosting does not allow to retrieve the testfiles.
But to know for sure you should answer the questions in . ./pwsWD/PWS_easyweathersetup.php

If you correctly answered all questions, we can check if it is a complete block of all external files.
That happens seldom, but sometimes with inexpensive hosting contracts.
In most cases it is a simple setting in cPanel, similar to “allow cURL”

Hope this helps,