Error 53 euromix

Been away from the scene for a while and today i see the Holy Grail of forecasting ECMWF available in the software WOW. Anyway i’m trying to get Euromix working but get an error 53 when trying to open the software.
I’m using Windows 7. Also i see you can use a combination of GFS and ECM. Going forward what would be the best set up for me who just discovered the ECM is available.

Glad you’re back with WXSIM! Yes, I’ve got ECMWF added in now, and you can customize the mix of GFS with ECMWF. This should work in Windows 7 (though not in XP, unfortunately). Your error may simply be a matter of not having declared some new names. In WXSIMATE, leave the file to output as wdata.txt. Let that be the one to import into euromix.txt (if it starts at all), and the one to export from euromix to be wdatamixed.txt. Then under Import/Import Data in WXSIM, declare wdatamixed.txt to be the file to import.

That said, I just re-read your post and it sounds liek euromix.exe isn’t even opening. Check to make sure you have the file euromixinit.txt. It contains those file names. Make sure WXSIMATE is produciing wdata.txt, and that this name is listed in euromix.txt. Let me know what you find!


I’ve been running the forecasts for years Tom but just haven’t checked into the forum so wasn’t aware of the ECM update until yesterday.
Anyway it seems I don’t have a euromixinit.txt or euromix.txt in my wxsim folder. I do the have the euromix.exe but when I try to manually open it I get an error 62.

You need to set wxsimate to gfs McMahon and tick all the gfs and ecm boxes then do a data download once you have the ecm data the euromix should then open and the euromixini will be created

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That fixed the problem. Thanks for the advice

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