Erratic comms/temp after upgrade to 9.23e


anyone had any probs like this - just upgraded from 8.2?? ish to 9.23e and the temps ex the Davis WMII are appearing and disappearing - the highs are showing -100 and low 1000 !

i also note the cloud base is higher than i’ve ever seen it and the wind direction is missing from the web dials page

it seems like the comms are erratic - the davis setup page fails to show date & time from the station

i’ve checked the station with the old davis software and comms all ok

is there any new settings i need to set ?


further testing -i think i’ve got no comms to weather display - all the graphs are flat from the upgrade time and the data quality and received are always red

solved by resetting com port in WD - note reboots did not fix - it appears there may be an issue with something to do with indoor temp - it disappeared off the program display - i managed to repoduce the effect once - the comms then goes dead till you reselect the same port in WD - but i cant reproduce it consistently

anyway i’m up and running again

Jim Capanos has had a similar battle with the com port not being setup correct…after a restart
strange one…
keep an eye on it…