Enlarge On Rain Radar Block Not Working

I just noticed the enlarge on my Rain Radar Block is not working.

Help please with the coding?

Right click on the “enlarge” link to open it in a new tab


The page remains empty

Use the browser debug (in Chrome “inspect”) to get the DevTools
The link used is


Test that one in a browser, a 403 error and a full page error “You are blocked” is the result

The Meteox website switched to new links a few weeks ago.
So you have to adept the image_popup.php script.
It now reads for wcam3: in lines 95-98

$n      = 'wcam3';
$pop_img[$n]['url']     = 'https://www.meteox.com/images.aspx?jaar=-3&voor=&soort=loop1uur&c=&n=&tijdid';
$pop_img[$n]['txt']     = 'webcam';
$pop_img[$n]['head']    = '';

Carefully test the URL you want to use first in a browser.
Only when that URL works “stand-alone” you can use it in a pop-up.

But there is akways a change that one can not use the link in an iframe.


Hi Wim

Thanks as always for your brilliant support.

I am using Windy for my rain radar rather than Meteox and have altered the lines as you suggested to

$n = ‘wcam3’;
$pop_img[$n][‘url’] = ‘Windy: Wind map & weather forecast’;
$pop_img[$n][‘txt’] = ‘webcam’;
$pop_img[$n][‘head’] = ‘’;
$n = ‘bo’;

However this still does not seem to work

If you click on windy.com in the box itself it does work


I saw a few posts about widgets, but is there a new link to the original Meteox image?

I couldn’t get one to work (my programming skills are minimal!) that’s why I switched to Windy!

Is it possible just to remove the “Enlarge” link at the bottom of my Rain Radar block??

Yes, one can modify one of the system files.

Or you can add this small file to your _my_settings folder.
extra_blocks.txt (61 Bytes)
It will switch off the “enlarge” link


Many many thanks.

Maybe this link will not work in an iframe?