Ecowitt solar and UV missing from clientrawextra.txt

I’m new to Ecowitt, so I’m on a steep learning curve here. I had UV with my previous station but not solar, so I’m probably doing something wrong.

The data for 24-hr graphs in FreshWDL and SteelSeries gauges (using WXgraphs) come from clientrawextra.txt, but that shows no solar data at all whilst UV is showing 10 for every hour of the day.

you can use the ecowitt api that will send it direct to ecowitt, and from there you can setup WD to look at the gateway IP so will download the data to WD.
PM me if you need further help

Thanks. I should have made it clear that WD is getting solar and UV data directly from the GW2000 gateway, and they appear in clientraw.txt but are not recorded in clientrawextra.

So you must have the gateway linked in WD??

This is how mine is and I can add things to any wxlocal etc that i need.

I have no WeatherFlow, so I just use the basic settings:

and I have GW2000 selected in crongw1000:

i don’t have a weatherflow system but it picks up the settings from ecowitt.
Yours looks different to mine?

Mine are just from Control Panel > Station Type & Settings > Ecowitt/Froggit tab, yours are from Setup > Advanced/Misc Settings > WMR968 Modified sensors/WeatherFlow/Ecowitt.

Okay i dont use that bit i use the one previous as that seems to work perfect and with this, and allows me to add tags that i need, it shows up everything i want and show everything in the wd dashboard (Which I am still customising)

Strange, my graphs for WD show correct solar and uv data for all time ranges. I only have the main Ecowitt settings in use. Well I say correct I mean what WD thinks are correct!! I can’t check further as I’m not at home right now. So the graphs on the steelseries should work.


Thanks, Stuart, but here are the last 4 hours from clientrawextra.txt:

Can’t understand why I get live solar/UV data in clientraw but not in clientrawextra. . .

And I use http to get data from the GW2000, so it’s more likely to be correct :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes but I use the telnet api with a GW1100. This is why I gave up on WD.


Brian very kindly produced a this morning that seems to have sorted the problem:

so my 24-hr FreshWDL graphs and SSGauges wxgraphs are beginning to look a lot better.

No doubt this will find its way into a version-numbered zip update soon.

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