Ecowitt HP2560 no rain in WD

I just installed an Ecowitt HP2560 , WS90 WH57 and a GW1000. I’m running WIN10 WD ver 10,37s151. I had the GW1000 already configured and working with an acurite irus wx system that I replaced with the new system. The issue is everything is working except the rain info isn’t being displayed on WD. All other info appears correct on WD and matches the Ecowitt display. I’m configuring WD to use station type ecowitt, all I have checked is, use station rain total, and, use for history data only. I tried it with use station rain total checked and unchecked. Anyone have anything I can try?
Thanks Jeff

I have a feeling that with a WS90 you have to tick the box on crongw1000.exe which says Wittboy/GW2000 to get rain correctly.


Or Wittboy rain priority?

Checking the Wittboy rain priority box fixed it. Thanks guys…


Finally rained again here and I still have a rain issue. What’s happening is I see rain on the Ecowitt display, but not on Weather Display. What I have to do is close WD and restart it. The rain then shows up but delayed till the time I restart WD. Last night it rained .15 inches around 2:10 AM. When I checked at 6AM the .15 was displayed on the Ecowitt display and zero daily rain displayed on WD. I closed WD restarted and the .15 shows up at 6 AM. Anyone have anything to try
Thanks Jeff

Sorry for asking here.
I have set up my wittboy using api.
I also have the rainsensor wh40.
WD reads the data from the wh40 and I want the data from the wittboy.
I think you set this up in the crongw1000.exe, right?
But this crongw1000.exe, is this running in the background, like my cronweatherflow (small icon in the taskbar)
I don’t see an icon for the crongw1000.exe.
Or do you have to run this manually.
I see a window appearing when starting up WD for my wittboy.

Why? I thought you only get data every 5 minutes from API. . . Easier to use the IP address. Maybe crongw1000 doesn’t run with API?

If you use the IP address crongw1000 starts automatically and runs in the background, and the icon looks like this:


The window you see when starting up may be the data logger window: try clicking on it.

Once you can see crongw1000 running, you can set rain priority:

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Thanks Bitsostring. :+1:
I will take a look at it in the weekend.