Ecowitt GW2000 reset

My brother will be helping me to set up a Wittboy with a GW2000 tomorrow. He’ll be with the station/gateway about 80 miles away from me with an iffy mobile signal and maybe an iffy Internet connection too so I want to make the setup as easy/painless as possible.

I tested the Wittboy/GW2000 for a few weeks whilst I had it in my possession, but it’s been with him for about 3 months waiting for an opportunity to install it. I don’t remember whether I set a password on the gateway and if I did I’m not 100% sure what I set the password to. If I’m reading the manual correctly then the gateway can be reset by holding the button on top down for about 10 seconds. Is that correct? If so, then it’s probably easier just to start by resetting the system so that we’re at a known starting point.

Can anyone please confirm if that’s the correct reset process?

Chris if you don’t get an answer here try the WXForum as i know there are many GW2000/Wittboy users there. I don’t have the GW2000.


To answer the question for those who might see this in future…you can factory reset the GW2000 by holding the button on the top of it down for 10 seconds.