Ecowitt GW2000 Extra Temp Sensors Weather Display Help!

I’ve added 4 extra tempature sensors to my Ecowitt GW2000 set up, they are all detected fine in the Ecowitt “Portal/Weather web page” but only the 1st extra temperature seems be being recognised by Weather Display and the Cron1000 program. Is there anything I need to do for it to recognise the other 3 sensors?

I have 2 extra temp sensors and both show in crongw1000.exe OK. So what version of WD and crongw1000.exe are you running?


Thanks for the reply, its the latest version of Weather Display, downloaded and installed a week ago.

Bit of an update, looks like it is being detected, just the data is not being pulled across if that makes sense to the right hand bit where it recognises it as addtional sensors.

Any ideas?

Ah OK so soil temps, not sure where WD displays those. To be honest I don’t understand why WD uses http for GW2000 as it has the local api as well which is what CumulusMX uses with a GW2000. Can you try without using http to see if soil appears in the rh side?


Yeah im using them as soil sensors, they should just appear under the Ecowitt Extra Sensors bit, ive just labelled them as soil in Ecowitt.

Thanks, i’ll give that a try!

You’re a genuins Stuart, thank you so much.

Unticking the GW2000/HTTP option seems to have fixed it, can get readings from all sensors now! Brilliant, thanks very much!

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You need to report this to Brian by email. Both ways should work.


So just an update on this, this works to get the extra sensors, but the Piezo rain gauge cannot then be read, so its one or the other at the moment, i’ll report to Brian, thanks for your help.