Ecowitt gateway without weather station

Is it possible to use some of the Ecowitt sensors with a gateway without installing a weather station? For example, it would be good to have soil moisture and temperature sensors in the greenhouse without it costing the best part of £500 to do this the Davis way!

I think the answer is yes, but I’d like to be sure before I start buying anything!

This is something that interests me a lot. I hope someone knows.

Simple answer is yes. The gateways will connect to any sensor, you do not need anything like a WS80 or WS90 etc.


Thanks Stuart.

A secondary question (which I don’t think Stuart can answer) some sensors say they work with GW1000/1100 gateways but don’t mention the GW2000. Do GW1x00 sensors work with the GW2000?

I don’t have a GW2000 but yes it applies to that as well.


Chris I am always happy to help here whenever I can but if I’m not around :wink: the best place initially to get answers on Ecowitt etc is at this thread on the WXForum it has a wealth of information about all the devices and which ones support what sensors etc.


For info - I’ve since bought a GW1100 with T/RH and soil moisture sensors. I set it up just in time to monitor the greenhouse through this spell of freezing conditions. The greenhouse heater seems to be managing to keep the temperature above 3C which will hopefully protect the more plants that don’t like frost.

Having previously installed a GW2000 hub (high on a hill) I was surprised at how tiny the GW1100 is by comparison!