Easyweather: Do you want to show an official AQ station nearby? ** closed **

Hi Wim,

I set up in Esyweather Setup the API Token, which works fine.
It shows me in PWS the Itzehoe AQ Station.

But closer to us is Neumünster as shown now here:

Is it possible to match also the Standard View of Itzehoe to Neumünster?


Module test PWS_Dashboard => last button “load files”
The nearby AQ is retrieved with https://api.waqi.info/feed/geo:54;9.7667/?token=_API_SETTING_
The only thing we can do is supply a latitude/longitude.

All data comes from aqicn.org
The map of this and other contributing stations is at Air Pollution in Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map
The server selects he nearby and operational station.


Ok, that also explains why the data does not match:

  1. Data nearby from: waqi.info - There is one station in Itzehoe, but none in Neumünster:

  2. All data from: aqicn.org which has a different database

Updated now to match both and it´s looking nice:

#                      More AirQuality information
# You have to adapt the link yourself  by searching on https://air-quality.com/ 
if ($show == true) {
$frame                  = 'airqualityPP';
$frm_ttls[$frame]       = 'air-quality.com';  // name in menu
#$frm_src[$frame]        = 'https://air-quality.com/place/germany/neum%C3%BCnster/ef9c7b3f?#lang=de&standard=aqi_us';
$frm_src[$frame]        = 'https://aqicn.org/city/germany/schleswig-holstein/itzehoe/m';
$frm_hgth[$frame]       = 1500;