Easy rain reduction/offset?

Brian, how about a “one stop” place to modify rain totals?

For example, I have a new neighbor, and they left a sprinkler on that
managed to get water into my rain gauge. So I needed to subtract
.93 inches of rain fro day, month, and year.

I thought it would be nice to have one box to modify rain totals,
click ok, and poof, it does them all.



have you tried the “adjust all rain totals by this amount setting”? That is what that input should do.


That does not fix the graph. Any idea how to do that?

After making the change to all totals,
did you try Action, Convert and reload your current month file?

ex: 42004lg.txt

under setup, graph setup, you can use the correct graph, and there you can set the rain line to a level before the rain amount glitch
also, i have now fixed a bug with using the slider for the adjust all by this amount in a new 10.10s beta