e-mail warninig setup

it is possible that in the mesaage that its send ,only apear the customemailwarning.txt not the first message .It is for the use email subject line only for message.

also the wind speed and direction alarm , to be repeated at certain times

ex every hour , or two hours
thank you

so you mean it should not appear in the body of the email, only the subject
i can do that
the alarms are reset at the next hour change (except some), so if the criteria is met again after then, it will re fire

Yes that will be perfect

So if the wind speed alarm is on, it will not be repeated after 1 hour?
it is possible to say when you want it to be repeated?
tanks Brian

try a new 9.35a now

Perfect Brian the message is ok ,it lets me enough room to put the message in the subject
Thank you.
do you know the problem with the e-mail send via subject , what you did was perfect, but it does not work.


i have just figured out why the email subject to a list (weather report) was not workin
uploading a new version now…