dumb question ... WDL reduced size & in a cell?

I’d like to create a smaller (400x300) version of the WDL display and place it in a table cell on one of my web pages. I copied everything from the tag thru the tag from the stock index.html and placed it in my table cell. I then set the HIEGHT and WIDTH values to what I want (400x300). In FP2003 design view, I see the space for the flash file (complete with a ligtning bolt and the wdlconfig.xml file name). But when I publish it and look at it on my real web site, nothing shows up. If I right click where the display should be, I get the context menu showing the Macromedia “about” choice.

Any idea what I might be missing? If you want to see my work in progress (right click & view source):



I tried to put WDL within a table as well a while back and it also would not display for me either - there is something about tables and Flash that does not make it work. I am sure if you take the code outside the table again it will be ok!!

Some people have said that the code works fine for them if they put it in a table though - but it did not for me.

See my previous comment on this in http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/7561


Hello Pat,

The easiest method of “including” your flash page embedded in another page I am aware of is…

The “iframe” tag…

<iframe src="http://www.sklenar.info/wx/" height="400" width="300"></iframe>

The above method is used at this site run by a friend of mine…

Two additional methods would be

SHTML include If your Host supports SSI Includes

PHP Include if your Host support PHP.

Hope this helps,


Thank you, that does it perfectly! Now I can start figuring out how I want to design the page. :slight_smile: Thank you!



Looking good :slight_smile:

Glad I was able to be of some help…

Enjoy and keep playing, you will be surprised with where it may take you :slight_smile:


Quick follow-up question … can an iframe be made clickable? In other words, I’ve got a small WDL display in an iframe in a table cell right now … is there some way to make it so that if I click on that iframe that it’ll open a new window and show another page? For now, I’ve got a click-able line of text under the iframe that folks can click on to see the full WDL window.



I don’t believe so… BUT…

This is a really good tutorial on basic uses of the ‘iframe’ tag that you may want to review, even though it doesn’t offer what you want directly…


Now on the other hand… IF you created a second WDL page just for use in your iframe and placed a link for each element in your config file, to the page you want to refer them to… That would provide many “hot” spots in your ‘iframe’ that would be clickable…

Hope this makes sense,

Yep, makes perfect sense and that’s the only thing I had been able to think of. :slight_smile: Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.


I believe I may have found a pattern on when WDL will and will not work within tables…

I am in the process of moving my site, and thus taking advantage of improving the look/feel.

That’s very interesting, thanks for posting as several people have come across this oddity.


Thinking about this, it’s sort of understandable now that a pattern has been spotted. Flash can re-size itself so needs to know from the browser how big a space it’s got to fit in. If you don’t specify the size of a then the browser wants to know how big the object is that’s going into it to size the cell. So the browser and Flash are both asking each other for a size and probably waiting for the other one to speak up first!