DST Ending

Hi all,

In here Europe DST ending early morning next sunday.
How WD handle this? Crash? :wink:
When computer change time backward, can WD understand this, if computers and WD is on all the time?
Or is better shutdown PC this night? In this case, what happen that night graphs when I start PC and WD sunday morning?


it wont worry WD
it will just means you will have 1 hour of data in the log file with the same repeated time
thats all :slight_smile:

Ok, we see thatโ€ฆ :slight_smile:


Night comes and DST goes. Computers was all night on. And without any errors.


there is a few places in wd to change things:
in the solar setup and tide setup, there are options to use daylight saving or not

also, you will have to change/reset the time on the weather station
(with a davis vp, in wd, just go to the data logger setup, and click on set time (and then wait for a few seconds)
(note that if you have wd doing the time update daily, that does not change the hour, only the minute)