Drag-and-drop editing of web page

I have a weather web page I created from templates available on this forum many years ago (probably 15 or more) to display info from my weather station and Weather Display. They may have been the Carter Lake templates but it was so long ago I hardly remember. I need to edit the pages to move several images around and revise others.

I’m looking for a drag-and-drop html editor that will let me move the images on the existing page without having to hand-code it. It was so long ago that I just don’t remember how I managed to get it all going. And these days, I hardly have the time or brain power to sit and play with it.

Web searches for this kind of software lead only to online page builders where you can build a site. None will allow editing of existing pages. I’ve tried programs like Dreamweaver (using my work’s Adobe CC account), Google Web Designer and Coffee Cup too, but they’re so complicated and really don’t do the job unless you know code.

I just want to load the page, move the images where I want them and have the software revise the code in the background. Seems like there should be something like this available but I can’t find anything.

Anyone know of a program or piece of software that might allow me do what I’m looking for?

Thanks All!


Hi Joe

I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for. The majority of templates are written using PHP which runs on the server and that generates HTML to send to the browser to be displayed. HTML pages (in a general sense) only contain static information. PHP is what makes the pages dynamic, because it can pick up data from files on your server and format the HTML to reflect the current values.

So any web page editor you find will be working with the HTML rather than the PHP. You could move stuff round, but you’ll just be creating a new static HTML page which won’t be able to pick up new data and reformat the page accordingly.

The CarterLake template is still around - Weather Web Templates but these days the Saratoga Template is more commonly used - Saratoga-Weather.org - Website Templates - AJAX/PHP

Of course, both of those will require time and brain power so not really what you’re looking for. There are plenty of people around who can help you with templates though so you wouldn’t be alone!

Thanks for the reply. I should note, now that you reminder me, I am using the Saratoga-Weather.org versions of the templates.

Luckily, someone recommended I ask on an HTML forum. There it was mentioned that Microsoft Expression 4 does what I need. It’s an old program, discontinued by MS in 2012. But MS made it available as a free, un maintained and unsupported download at that time.

Works perfectly. Old software for an old site. Who’da thunk?

In any case, I mention it here in case someone else is in need. Eventually it probably won’t work as Windows goes through future upgrades and updates. But for now, bingo!

Thanks again…


I have used Expression web before and its quite good and easy to use. It will also open up PHP files BUT they might not display how you want them to look, so its a bit of trial and error with it.
Good luck