Downloading NOAA Forecasts

I have been trying to download the noaa forecast for the 5-day forecast feature. I am using the following link to access the info, but it does not seem to get it:


I feel really dumb here, think I am losing my touch.

try that instead of the ftp:// at the start (as wd assumes that)
for the host name

but the file nez088.txt
does not exist!
(i just tested)
try changing

I am having trouble also, I have the following address - and the file IS there, but the noaa site seems painfully slow. Could this be a problem? Also, I posted a different question about this, and I never seem to get any kind of “forecast” icon on my desktop of WD.

UPDATE: although the file wiz066.txt DOES eventually show up in a regular ftp program (again, slow) - WD creates a file labeled wiz066.txt, but it is empty. Any thoughts?

as the host server name is much faster than

then the directory as
and the file as
wiz066.txt (and add to list)

i just tested , and it works great and is fast

Got mine working! Awesome! Thanks

nada. what am I doing wrong???

either do a screen capture and place the image here (i.e screen capture on your keyboard, upload to your web site from paint shop pro or word, and or export your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry and email me that

I sent the .ini file. Thanks!

you missed an
in the word forecast, for the directory

you can tell, becuase it reports directory not found if you look in the ftplogfull.txt file after a download


i.e you have an e missing in the word forecast


DOH! oops. Man do I feel stupid. NOW I do get the file


Thank you!