Does WD check for correct rain against a VP1 or Vp2?

I had a feeling I had seen somewhere that Brian had done something to get WD to check the rain totals against the values stored in a Davis VP (1 or 2). Problem is that I had Ignore First Rain of the Day flag set on which I had used when we were having heavy dew, but had forgotten to turn it off, so now WD is saying 1 rain gauge tip but in reality we have had two (so far today and likely to get many more!). Now I know I can manually alter this later, and lets face it it’s not a big discrepancy, but if somehow WD does check it’s total against the VP then I wont have to alter anything.

Am I dreaming this or can someone point me at something relevant (a search did not find anything).


Control Panel → Station Type & Settings. The All Davis Stations Rain Gauge Type section has a Use rain totals from console (not normally used).

Is this what your dreams are made of?

Certainly seems to have done the trick… than ks