Does PWSWeather upload include UV data? [Resolved]

Does anyone know if the PWSWeather upload from WD includes UV data?

I record UV data and successfully upload them to WU, but they don’t seem to be going to PWS.

At least PWSWeather do not invent them, as they do with solar and cloud cover. . . a small mercy.

Mine seems to work ok. What station type? What setting do you use in pws to tell it where the data is coming from?

Sorry, Dan, I mean the WD upload to PWSWeather: see

UV is showing OK on my PWS Dashboard :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, setting up my station now to test with PWSWeather :wink:

What a pain to setup. MADIS data is showing up…apparently PWSWeather is linked up with MADIS and it is showing that data on the map, but my station is not active yet. I don’t know if they need to confirm my account before it will show active.

Anyways, with MADIS data it is complicated. Until I can get this straightened out I suggest you verify that the data you’re seeing on PWSWeather is actually from WD and NOT being imported by MADIS. Probably the easiest way to verify is change the name of your station in both WD and in PWSWeather. As an example, my setup in WD is for station TRAVELINGRVWX2 but when I go to the map in PWSWeather and view my station it shows as D1695. Yea, complicated I know, but PWSWeather is showing no data received for TRAVELINGRVWX2 so until it goes active I can’t continue to troubleshoot.

Appears to be working as expected after I turned off MADIS reporting. UV showing okay.

Thanks, Dan.

How strange is that. . . maybe WD only uploads UV if you have solar as well? (Yes, the solar switch is on in WD otherwise I don’t see UV on my client.)

I’ll ask PWS support if they see UV data first and then I’ll maybe have to ask Brian.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

LATER EDIT: Well, well, well - faulty memory cells. Turns out the solar switch was NOT on. . . now it is on, PWS is showing UV at last. And solar display has dropped to zero, because I don’t have solar. (The solar that was showing was only their estimate.)

All I have to do now is get rid of the ET display on WD main screen. . . and the solar descriptions of cloud cover. (DONE!)

Some of the little grey cells survive. . . when I set up my WU station I now remember that I was given the same MADIS code as a near neighbour - it is a grid-based system :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I was able to check his PWSWeather dashboard using “our” MADIS code and verify that my PWS data were not imported. . .

But now WU is showing solar (zero) as well. . . it didn’t show solar at all before.

I am now considering reversing all the changes I have just made. I’m sure PWSWeather won’t miss a few UV readings.

Well. . .

I got rid of the ET display on WD main screen by moving it out of sight, and UV shows up again:


but the uploaded gif shows solar instead of UV:


And I deleted the solar description for zero sun, “Overcast and gloomy” - but every time I restart WD it comes back :roll_eyes:

PWSWeather stopped graphing UV so I have turned the Solar switch off again. No more ridiculous “Overcast and gloomy” on FreshWDL :slightly_smiling_face: