Document with Clientraw.txt structure

Despite some looking in FAQs and other areas, I haven’t been able to find a document which details the structure of clientraw.txt.

I did find Ken True’s Saratoga page which, when I point a utility to my web page, it will display what the current values are, so there must be knowledge of what that structure is (and for other programs that read clientraw to work, like WDL and others).

I haven’t been able to find a simple text document that says, for instance, first value is “xxxx”, second position holds “yyyy” and so on.

I’m trying to write a parser to take clientraw.txt and produce a subset that will be fed to WeeWx to display, with their other skins, the same data that WD is getting from my stations. I have a lot to learn, but would like to try and was hoping, somewhere along the line, a document detailing the structure of that .txt file has been shared.

Thanks for any leads. Dale

Dale, would the attached file be of any use to you?

If you are interested, I have some PHP scripts that read and parse the ‘clientraw.txt’ data file…

clientrawdescription.txt (15.5 KB)

Yes, clientrawdescription.txt is provided with WD - see your wdisplay folder.

Also, for JavaScript, you can use the ajaxWDwx.js script (the basic one or the enhanced one used with the alternative dashboard in Saratoga templates) for examples.

The PHP version of the clientraw* parser is available here which is Relayweather’s parser a bit updated.

Text descriptions are in your c:\wdisplay folder for both clientraw.txt and the extra clientraw files.

There is another parser at Clientraw - Script developers info to check the contents / meaning of the fields in the clientraw files.

But also an cross-reference at Xref Clientraw - Script developers info to find more locations in the 4 clientraw files for the same weather-values.
F.I. where are all different wind-values located in the 4 clientraw files.

Yes there is an large amount of documentation available, maybe to much for what you are looking for.


Thank you all for the rapid and complete replies.

I didn’t look in the root directory, but thought that the wiki and forum searches would have pointed to the information, and it was in front of me (almost) all the time!

Off to study and I will look into what I actually will need and may take up the offer for the .php code samples to study, too.

Thanks again to a great group.

you have actually asked this same Q last year and got the answer

Boy am I embarrassed. I looked to start a project up again, checked my book of notes, finding nothing, and thought I had done a good job of looking with the search function in the forum, the wiki and the Youtube.

I do appreciate the replies with the answers I needed.

I hope to get the job finished this time.

Thanks again. Dale

putting clientraw description into the forum search (using the magnifying class button, which is more powerfull search )
I found your previous Q and correct solutions :slight_smile:

Thanks, Brian.

This tip I will make a note of in my notebook. I didn’t realize that several search types were available.

Thanks I appreciate it.