Do you use SpamArrest?

I know that at least one user of this forum uses SpamArrest, because I had to confirm the registration email sent to them by the forum wasn’t spam before it was delivered. I can’t remember which user it was though and it’s possible that other users have signed up since registering to use the forum.

If you do use SpamArrest, you should be interested in this link…

I received a spam from SpamArrest a few days ago and thought it ironic that an anti-spam company was using spam to promote itself. They even seem to think that what they’re doing is OK which makes it worse.

As a result of their actions, I will not be responding to any emails they send me in future. If you are a SpamArrest user, or you sign up for their service, please be aware that this may mean that mail from the forum or my account(s) may not reach you.

I suspect that after reading the messages I’ve seen posted about SpamArrest in the last few days many other companies/sites will be adopting the same strategy, so don’t be surprised if your email dries up!