Do I upgrade

Hi All
I have not upgraded since July. Version 10.17r
The reason is I have been happy with what I have in the way of information from WD.
I do check the site quite regular but feel I should now go for the upgrade.
( I did have problems upgrading before, All of the problems did get fixed)
Just for any one interested this last week my Barometer readings went wrong.
Panic set in the after a bit of investigation I discovered that the batteries in the indoor
transmitter were down to around 60% power as soon as i changed them for new ones
all oK again.
Panic over

Origan WMR 928N / Windows XPpro

What problems did you have when last upgrading Scott?

I periodically update my WD version - currently on 10.19o but will upgrade to the latest version before the end of the year as Brian has added in a yearly summary page which will be useful, plus other tweaks and things that I required.

I usually just download the latest zipped file but on occasion i have to go for the full install, when there are changes to other programs and features.

Have never had any problems with upgrades - touch wood.

I agree with Martyn…the upgrade process works fine for me too. I nearly always upgrade using the full package rather than the ZIP package. As you’re so far behind it would probably be better for you to upgrade using the full package as a number of other components beside the main executable will have changed since the version you’re running.