Divide By Zero Error & crash after adjusting display size [RESOLVED]

The display on my WD screen (vs 10.370 Build 24) wasn’t showing some of the data to the bottom and right so I attempted to readjust the screen size using the built-in controls. Unfortunately, the settings adjusted the data screen beyond the confines of the physical screen size. After several attempts to get the entire screen back into something reasonable I started getting “Divide-by-zero in time/date” errors followed by the program crashing. The current display screen is back to normal size just before it crashes but the words “data quality” that normally appear toward the bottom left-center of the screen are up in the far upper left of the screen and barely readable. The rest of the display is just a blue background. Screen shots of the error popups and display screen were sent to Brian on November 11 along with Debug output on November 16. No responses on the screen shots or debug output have been received and WD has not been working since November 11. Several attempts were made to reload the software in a different directories but the same errors/screen display continue. I even tried to load a brand new second version of the software in yet a different location following instructions found in the forum. That produced a normal-looking screen but none of the tabs along the top would work to allow me to configure the program so all the display fields remained blank. Has anyone had any experience with something like this or some idea short of losing all my data and restarting from fresh?

Thanks in advance!
Art, AF1HS

Try [Setup] - [Advanced Misc Settings] - [Main window customise] - [Start over main] -(mid right, bottom button)

If that does not help then [Setup] - [Full Screen when larger than 800 x 600] - [No then restart]

Otherwise we should be able to help with some registry setting changes.

Thank you, sir!! That did the trick.

Art, AF1HS