Disable icons in localweather.gif and weatherbanner.gif?

:?: I’m evaluating WD to see if it will do the things I want but I can’t seem to disable the icons in that appear in the localweather.gif and weatherbanner.gif images. Is there a way to do this? I currently have “Show no icons at all” ticked in the Summary image/Icons set up page and this turned it off for summary.gif but not for the others.

Also is there a way to modify the summary.gif image so that the information lines up in one column without the icon present? See example below.


ok, i need to fix it that if you have no icons selectd, they dont appear on those screens as well
re lining up/…
humm, could be done is suppose…
why dont you want an icon?

Two reasons:

  1. I want the graphic to be smaller (narrower) so I can use it in some other places. Same with the localweather.gif and weatherbanner.gif

  2. I’m finding the graphic to be a bit inaccurate. Often it seems to bounce back and forth between rain and clear skies with little to no change in the data. I’m not complaining about that because that could be because of the lack of data (I’ve only been running the SW for a few days) and because I don’t have it set up right. I haven’t explored the rain setup thresholds yet.

I’m still playing with WD and I like a lot of the things it does. The “Wind Direction over Time Plot” is really nice! And I think I can use it to do most of what I want using some custom web pages. I also like the integration of the tide prediction tool (I live on an island!).


lateat vers should be ok for this