Digital Readout and graph don't match

Brian -
Sorry to bring this back up, but after we got the graph to work properly 10 days ago, I now have bad readings again… have not upgraded since
we got the graph working, same ver as when corrected…

  1. the windrun shows kts when I have mph checked
  2. the wind speed shows 3.5 mph digitaly and 8.5 mph on graph
  3. the temp shows 36.0 F digitaly and 49 F on graph
  4. Humidity shows 35% digitaly and 20% on graph
  5. Dew Pt shows 11.0 F digitaly and 8% F on graph

wd ver 9.29
LaCrosse 2010
windows xp pro
256 ram

after I submitted the first report, everything began to work just fine for the past several days… then i awoke this morning to find all graph readings were screwed-up again.

the temp readout is 27.3 d F, the graph shows 52 d F
the dew pt readout is 9.3 d F, the graph shows 18 d F
the humidity readout is 46%, and the graoh shows 30%
the wind & baro seem to good with their readouts and graph lines.

The incorrect readings are intermittemt at this point. The last time this appeared it lasted for two or three days, then it corrected itself. Now incorrect graph readings are back.

I upgraded to ver 9.33e last night from 9.29… could this have something to do with the problem?

this might be related to the frozen graph issue with this station, fixed in vers 9.34b
also, the 24 hour graph only updates every 10 minutes, for this station type