Different user logon loses settings


Logged on to my server (where WD resides) as a user other than administrator (although full administrative rights) and when WD launched it folded, stating my trial period expired in August of 2001! OK, I ran the registration applet, re-entered the code and all was well–I thought.

Came back a couple of hours later to find nothing was uploading. Went into the FTP setup to find all the settings to be blank. I want to use the different user id to logon to this machine as it makes it easier to navigate my LAN. Do I have to reenter everything :cry: or is there a simple file copy I can do?

WD 9.80b on Win2K Advanced server.

its becuase i never at the outset assigned a path to use with the registry settings, and so windows assigns a new registry entry for each user profile/log in

OK, so I diligently copy all the settings onto three sheets of paper (amazing what this program has become since I bought it for less than $20 two years ago Brian–the only thing I can’t find is the setting to refill the dog’s water dish when it gets low :slight_smile: ).

Logon as the user I want, go into WD and reenter all the settings. Reboot, logon again and the weather station isn’t communicating with the computer. Ugg.

Other than the obvious port setting and weather station type, why would the weather station not connect to the computer/program when the user changes? It did see it when I first logged in as the new user (before I changed the settings), but now nothing–no communications and it doesn’t load the graph. Looks like I’ve just missed a setting but can anyone point me in the right direction? Using the Oregon/Radio Shack WX200.