Dew Point Temperature - looks incorrect

Hi all,

I think the dewpoint temperature being calculated on my weather display is wrong. It always appears to be -ve. I think this behaviour has only started since 01 Spetember.

I am running WD V9.90b on W2K with a WM-918 weather station.

Any thoughts?


I plugged the numbers 10/45 off your website into here

and it looks about right.

humm, you have a low humidity reading…and for early spring?
maybe you have set a humidity offset, under setup, barometr offsets and rainfall,or something is up with the station?

Hi Brian,
Nope - No offsets. I checked the nearest official BOM site. They recorded a low 11% humidity yesterday as well. If this is a sign of things to come then we should have another interesting fire season in Canberra.

Thanks for checking.