Desperate to find a new reasonably expensive weather station.

Hi there!

Today I use an Oregon Scientific WM89A but, it’s starting to “die in my hands”. Actually, I would like a Davis Station but, they are expensive with me.
Now I’ve found this: Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Professional Smart Weather Station & Thermo Hygrometer ($ 369.99). Is it compatible with Weather Display software? Best regards Jan. #-o

if can be set to send data to then WD can be set to get data from there
or if you can get a GW1000 type dongle then WD can be set to get data from that
you could also look at the GW1000 type stations (they have ultrasonic too)…basicly the same stations

Brian, thanks for your quick reply. I’ll check ecowitt and see if there is anything good there. All suggestions are gratefully received. Have a nice day! / Jan

i have set up a Ecowitt GW1000 at my sisters place, been going great so far :slight_smile:

I saw a model called GW1003 Wi-Fi Weather Station for $ 259.98 from US. Would it work, do you think? It is a bit more advanced with extra sensors such as lightning sensor. Unfortunately, I can not find anything from Ecowitt that is available for purchase in Europe.

yes, that should work, via the separate bridge device

All ecowitt stations are available in Europe from
They are also sold with different names by others.

An extensive matrix about all ecowitt/Foshk products at MUST READ - Fine Offset Clone Models,sensor compatibility,firmware + other info


A big thank you for the tip! :smiley:

Best regards Jan

There is a jungle with different stations. Is the HP1000SE PRO a station that could work in your opinion or is something more needed? Grateful for any tips!
(Froggit Wetterstationen Shop - HP1000SE PRO Single Sensor Edition - HP1000SE PRO Display inkl. Innensensor + DP40 Aussen Temperatur/Luftfeuchte + DP80 Regensensor + DP300 Anemometer)
Best regards Jan :smiley:

That is a very fine weather-station with the best console available.

BUT to connect the station to WeatherDisplay you also need a Froggit DP1500 (same as Ecowitt GW1000 )

That very small device has an extra API that is supported by most weather-programs.
Although it is extremely small (box of matches size), it is an advanced console without the code to display the data nicely on a piece of glass as other consoles do. But is has that extra API so that multiple weather-programs can listen to the DP1500 and get all weather-measurements.

So if you do not want a glass-console you can choose the DP1500 with the same sensors as the HP1000SE PRO, that is this configuration

You then use a tablet and the ws-view app to do all configuration and display all sensor values. And maybe your own website also.

Succes, Wim

Hello again and, thanks for your quick reply! My wish list looks like this right now: HP1000SE Pro + DP1500 + DP60 Lightning detector. Then everything must be complete for years of fun :smiley:

Best regards and, thanks again for your valuable help! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi there!

Now I am the happy owner of: Froggit HP1000SE PRO Single Sensor Edition with DP40, DP80, DP300, DP1500 and a DP60. :lol:

I am now planning to replace my current weather station with this one. Is it complicated or, is there possibly a tutorial on it? #-o
I use Weather Display and version 10.37S Build 128

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I think you will need to get the separate GW1000 type bridge
and then you just set in WD the IP address of that , that shows up on your wifi connected devices

Hi Brian! The Ecowitt GW1000 is probably the same as the DP1500 from Froggit. Then maybe it’s just a change of station type in the program.

Yes it is the same device just re-badged by Froggit.


Thanks Stuart.

The Ecowitt GW1000 is probably the same as the DP1500 from Froggit. Then maybe it's just a change of station type in the program.
its already listed alongside the GW1000 in the WD weather station type setup though :)