Davis Weather Envoy or 2nd console

I have the VP2 Plus, and am wondering what the best option is…to get a Weather Envoy or a 2nd console…
I realize console is more expensive…
Please let me know your thoughts.

The console would be a better solution, but obviously would cost more to purchase. It is thus a matter of initial cost. The console would be able to give you more information and control without use of the pc monitor.

Correct, but as I use my laptop to run WD 24/7, that would not be a problem, or am I overlooking something.

I am reading that console is moe reliable than the Envoy…is this correct?

I have an Envoy and if I were to do it again I’d get a second console.


Where are you reading the console is more reliable? I’ve had both for over two years without any problems. The display is the only difference.


The idea is to have the envoy/console in the working room on the 1st floor of the house where the 24/7 laptop is situated, while the other console in the living room…that would be the set-up.


Really it is all about cost…if you can afford it go for the 2nd VP console…I have had my setup for 2 yrs and have had no trouble with the Wireless Envoy…but at the end of the day, it is just a box with an aerial…you have no idea other than the data getting through to the PC monitor as to whether it is working…It is a lot nicer to be able to SEE the console updating on its own internal screen… :D…but it is NOT essential as the Envoy will actually do the basic task…

…and not just 'cause it’s nice to see the weather at the other location, but also because it’s much easier to set it up and be sure it’s working correctly when you have the display and buttons to use. There may be some infrequently used settings that can’t be accessed by software.

(Recovering former envoy owner, now two console guy :wink: )